Ice Resistant Non Slip Shoes

A video of our new ice slip resistant sole. This product demonstration is from a prototype. There are still developments currently being made.

In the first screen, the person is wearing normal hiking boots on an inclined surface with an ice block. In the next screen (starting at 0:40 seconds), the person is wearing a JStep ice slip resistant sole.

This new technology is slip resistant to ice without the use of any spikes. It is composed of all natural rubber.

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  1. Thank YOU for caring!! I have worked in restaurants over the years and have seen so many slip and falls, plus my own on ice, plus falls and deaths seen on the news…I have been researching shoes for severals years now and these days, so many CHEAP changes; all big and small names have made to their shoes, NONE are significantly slip resistant like your videos show!! Amongst other things…I must say SHOE MANUFACTURERS have really taken a turn for INCREASING SLIP & FALLS and this INCLUDES the ATHLETIC industry, let alone LABOR CREWS, and soo many others..THANK YOU AGAIN FOR CARING & MAKING YOUR SUCCESSES THROUGH THIS AVENUE!! I really look forward to wearing your shoes and sharing them with others, so long as they MEASURE up!! 🙂

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